Our mission is to improve the lives of youth with the game of soccer. CameroonFDP works to promote education, gender equity, health, leadership and life skills through community sports by training coaches and creating opportunities for youth to play the game they love. With support from FIFA Football Hope in 2016-2017, we operate educational youth soccer leagues to impact hundreds of youth in the Central African nation. CameroonFDP is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U.S. and Kumba, Cameroon.

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Anything You Want You Can Attain, If You Really Go After It Says Ngoeh Lobe Wallace ,Manager Of Community Programs.

According to him we need more coaches and mentors to help us, a lot of youths today suffer from lack […]

Visit OF U S Board Of Directors TO Cameroon July 2016, A Great Transformation

Iron sharpened iron, so the mind of a man sharpened that of another. By rubbing our little brains with those […]

Ashu Takang Management Staff In Charge Of Finance Ready To Receive Expansion Site Coordinators.

Learning is the kindling of a flame, nobody is too old to lean To be able to train trainees, you […]

 CameroonFDP Mobilization Of Female Coaches And Leaders Towards Girls Tournament 2016

Playing sports boosts self-confidence. Girls who play sports feel better about themselves. Why? It builds confidence when you know you […]