Video Update: Fried Okra!

9 July 2011

We all know that Dan is a talented photographer.  His work documenting the CFDP’s activities with both stills and video have helped us bring the details of life in Kumba to audiences across the globe.  However, did you know that Dan is also an accomplished chef? Since our Cameroonian friends had never tried it before, he decided to show off his skills and bring a soul food classic back to its roots.  Okra is very common across this part of Cameroon, but it’s never served like this.  Dan put together an complex battering assembly line that Henry Ford himself would have approved of.  I helped by standing around near the fire extinguisher, just in case.  The end product was delicious, though we weren’t sure if a one or two of the taste testers may have just been being polite in their effusive praise.  Check out the footage below!


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