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Check out this article which features the story of one professor from Washington & Jefferson University in Washington, Pennsylvania who has been supplying youth from The Gambia and Senegal with soccer jerseys from the university since 2002. See how powerful the beautiful game is in spreading goodwill anywhere in the world!


via Observer-Reporter

Check out this great article on Patrice Millet and his effort to bring soccer and education to the fields in Haiti.  His agency, FONDAPS, is doing some impressive work in a place where it is extremely necessary.  Congratulations Patrice!


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There are plenty of other ways to get around Kumba, but easily the most interesting means of transportation is the infamous okata, or motorcycle. Hundreds of these brightly decorated machines crowd the streets, zipping in and out of traffic through spaces a car could never hope to navigate. Personally, I am not a motorcycle person, having only driven one once and crashing it into a tree within the first five minutes. Needless to say, I was rather apprehensive about trusting my safety to whoever happened to drive by with two wheels. I’m still not a big fan, but taking in the sights of Cameroon on the back of one of these things is extremely gratifying. Nonetheless, when I’m onboard an okata, I’m using both hands to hang on. Dan, on the other hand, is more adept at multitasking, which is how he manages to ride around with his camera in tow and capture videos like this on his way through Fiango.