Cameroon Community in Pittsburgh

2 March 2012

CFDP has been very fortunate to have the support of our local community in Cameroon since we got the ball rolling with our sports-for-development outfit in the city of Kumba. From the Government Delegate welcoming us in City Hall and allowing us to host our first Conference on Youth Empowerment and Community Development through Sport to the Divisional Delegates of Youth and Physical Education and Sports endorsing our summer youth camps, weekly activities with our partner secondary schools, and monthly outreach camps, we have been welcomed with open arms in K-town. As we embark on a new journey to create a youth soccer league, we find similar reception in the neighborhoods and villages we are mobilizing to participate. We are happy to say this support system extends beyond the continent of Africa!

Here in Pittsburgh, we are also fortunate to have a Cameroonian community dedicated to sharing our culture with Americans, Yinzers included, and giving back to the people at home. This was exhibited most prolifically back in December when the Cameroon Community of Pittsburgh (CCP) donated and prepared all of the African food for CFDP’s benefit dinner,  “A Taste of Africa.” Without their hard work and sacrifice of time, energy, and amazing food the event would have never been so successful!

Much thanks goes out to CCP who meets regularly on the last Saturday of each month. Contact us if you want to join us for the next meeting – which always includes a full buffet of Cameroonian cuisine and dancing to the best of West African pop music from today and decade’s past.

Be prepared to see CCP around Pittsburgh more and more as the community intends to grow to become more involved in multicultural events around the city – and of course, always supporting CFDP!

Amazing African Cuisine! You never leave a CCP Meeting Hungry! Usually you take home a plate for lunch the next day!


Amanda, who was born in the US to Cameroonian parents, spent one year in a secondary school in Cameroon. She shared her experience, comparing and contrasting the education methods and teaching styles in a private boarding school in Cameroon to that of her experience here in the US at the February meeting of CCP.

Here Madam President (Right) and CCP Vice President, Isiah (Far Right) stands with Asanna, a Togolese woman who is also a member of CCP. Asanna requested CCP's financial support to defray the costs of the burial of 3 Togolese men who died tragically in a house fire in February. CCP collectively raised $400 which Madam President presented to Asanna at the last meeting.

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