(All matches played at Baptist Primary School Nkwen)

Brescia FC Shalom FC
Formation Heskey Spantan FC
Bastions Liverpool FC

Educational Theme: Leadership


Friday 7/08/2015 8;00am 8:30am Brescia Vs Formation Hesky Baptist Primary School Field
Friday 7/08/2015 8:30am 8:30am Shalom Vs Liverpool Baptist Primary School Field
Friday 7/08/2015 8:30am 9:50am Bastions Vs Formation Hesky Baptist Primary School Field

Educational Theme: Leadership

Friday 7/08/2015 8:30am
9:50am Spartan Vs Liverpool Baptist Primary School Field
Friday 7/08/2015 9:50am 10:30am Brescia Vs Bastions Baptist Primary School Field
Friday 7/08/2015 9:50am 10:30am Shalom Vs Spartan Baptist Primary School Field

Educational Theme: Community Service

Semi – Final


1 Group A Vs 2 Group B Baptist Primary School Field
2 Group A Vs 1 Group B Baptist Primary School Field

Educational Theme: Role Model


Winner A Vs Winner B Baptist Primary School Field

Time /Activities
6:00 Pre survey administration
6:30-7:00 a.m. Breakfast
7:00-7:30 Departure and arrival at play ground
7:30-8:00 a.m. Preparation of play ground (field set up)
8:00-8:30 a.m. Warm Session: Circle of Friends & Mingle Mingle
8:30-9:10 Match kick off
9:10-9:50 Match 2
9:50-10:30 Match 3
10:30-11:10 Group Activity: Do as I do
11:10-11:30 Semi Finals
11:30-12:00 Formal Announcement
Welcome word:Ghejung Awunti US BOARD Member
Welcome word:Diony Collins Director of Operation
Welcome word:Peter Ngwane Founder and Chief Operations Officer
Welcome word:Forzano Justin Founder and Chief Executive officer
Introduction:Mgt. Team Staff members at Kumba Operation Office

12:00 Finals match kick off
12:45 p.m. Trophy Presentation
1:00 p.m. Close of Ceremony
2:00 p.m. Lunch
3:00 p.m. Rest
4:00-7:00 p.m. Leadership Workshop
7:00 p.m. Dinner
8:00 -9:00 p.m Movie

Super cup tournament approaches with meetings and preparations by the management team is more tense, the manager of community program is making everything possible for the pre match on Saturday August 1st 2015, CameroonFDP operates in four localities; Kumba ,Mamfe, Ndom and Ndu in all of these localities we have had our U-14 tournament and champions from these localities will converge in Bamenda for the Super Cup. CameroonFDP’s social impact goal for the Super Cup tournament will be based on, Leadership, Community service and Be a role model.
The Management team will be at the local radio station Lake Site Radio to expose some high lights of the event in Bamenda schedule for the 7th.
To better educate the youths in Bamenda and Cameroon in general with the beautiful game of football, CameroonFDP will use its +7 Soccer Values to grade the teams for each match played.
• Be on time and prepared
• Be a team player
• Educate yourself
• Show respect for all
• Raise community awareness
• Play fair
• Be a role model
We are a group of young people who believe in the power of sport to change the world.


IMG_8278Distributing mosquito nets in Cameroon is based on household survey. Household can be defined in this context as a group of people living under the same roof, sharing the same meals and acknowledging the authority of household head. Malaria is transmitted from a sick person to the one in good health only through mosquito bites, cold rain, intestinal worm, mangoes and evil spirit do not cause malaria. To avoid malaria we must protect ourselves from mosquito bites by sleeping under LLIN every night.
A LLIN is a mosquito net treated with insecticide at the factory and which has an efficient impact over a three years span. This insecticide kills mosquitoes and other insects on contact but it has no detrimental effect on humans, not even on babies. It protects against mosquito and therefore, against malaria.
CameooFDP community leader Kingsley Etoh is involved in the distribution of mosquito nets to fight against the spread of malaria in the community, being a role model, Kingsley offers community services with the District Hospital in Kumba and participates in other health campaign including administering vaccines such as polio, measles and meningitis.

The finals was played between Brescia FC the kumba youth Enrichment Football League champions VS St Peter FC , it started at 4pm after running sessions and reading of the motivational statements, module four was applied, the center Referee was Nkolaka Valentine and Powoh Christain. After playing for four minutes mbah yanick scored a goal making it difficult for its opponent, the same player scored another goal after 12minutes of play. After the first half despite the determination of st peter to equalize the goals all hopes was dashed to the wall when Ngwa Forbisi scored the third goal and the match ended in favor of Brescia FC.

CameroonFDP will create a life-changing experience for coaches and players with our First Annual Super Cup, an epic event which will bring coaches and players from five different communities across Cameroon, Africa together for a weekend of soccer and leadership workshops. As part of the experience, each team will return home to complete community service activities, creating an opportunity for youth to showcase their leadership skills within their soccer club and benefit hundreds of members of their village, town, or city.

Our goal is to raise $10,000 to support this Super Cup, laying the foundation for a sustainable initiative in each of the 5 communities. 2016 will see boys’ and girls’ soccer leagues spring up thanks to our efforts today.

The Super Cup is only the beginning, and will accomplish the following:

Provide educational experiences for 50 players and coaches through leadership workshops and an organized soccer tournament
Support community service learning projects as follow-up activities
Directly impact 50 players and coaches with an life-altering experience
Directly impact more than 100 players upon return to clubs
Indirectly impact hundreds of peers in other soccer clubs and members of the local community members support community service learning projects in 4 communities after the event

Our innovative approach to sport for development promotes education and community development through youth soccer leagues in Kumba, Mamfe, and Ndom in the Southwest Region and Ndu and Bamenda in the Northwest Region.We create learning experiences for hundreds of youth with the game of soccer to develop leadership and life skills, promote gender equity, and prevent the spread of HIV in Cameroon, Africa.

• Jay clay and intern in CFDP office has been in Cameroon for seven weeks and just 2weeks left to depart, According to him the upcoming super cup that will take place in bamenda is a great one, to show that through football and education youth players in Cameroon get to see their country and make friends out of the region. Also it shows how wide spread and far reaching CFDP has influence people in Cameroon. Witnessing the league in kumba , mamfe and Ndu he concluded that with football anywhere in the country can be a classroom and that is what CFDP is doing in all areas of operation. After several interviews with coaches and Board of Commissioners, he realizes that all the coaches play important Roles in the community while all the BOC (board of commissioners) have passion for football and youth empowerment

There’s nothing like the smiles on those little faces when they have success performing brand new skills that you taught them, expectation of the first edition of CFDP super cup is very high especially in a place like Bamenda where everybody like to talk and write about new things, a wonderful program that will portray CFDP in the entire nation, the youths and the coaches are also excited to travel and meet new friends to show case talent.
Per the manager of the league who has been present in all the areas he notice that all the youths are well organized and respect the CFDP method in running sessions, he only regrets that some areas have more time than others, kumba played for four months, mamfe one week and Ndu had just three days that he promised to re adjust in nearest future. Thanks to the organization all the coaches respect punctuality in stricto census
Picture 094

team profile Nancy FC
Ndoum found in Tombel sub division is one of CFDP new partnership thanks to Ludi the peace corps volunteer in charge of that area that facilitate CFDP operation in that community, this is what has never happen in this area , parents and elites are anxious to see what this youths have learned during this period. The tournament will play from the 19th – 25th of July 16, 2015. We have five teams to participate, AC Roma, Chelsea, FC Liverpool, Nancy FC, and Zury FC, one of these teams will represent Ndoum Community in the upcoming CFDP super cup in Bamenda. Watch out for more updates.

team profile Chelsea FC


A professional Government trained sports and physical education teacher who graduated from National Institute of youth and Sports (INJS) Yaoundé. Despite his age, at 42 he is one of the most committed, dedicated and longest serving volunteer leader for CFDP school program attached to Diligent Bilingual Academy.He testifies that, the youths have been transformed and empowered thanks to CFDP program. He regrets knowing such a wonderful organization only when he has retired from government service, but pledges to support the organization, wherever he finds himself. He appreciates CFDP for all the donations of sporting gears given to the youths, leaders and the collaborating institutions and wishes that the organization spread to all regions of Cameroon, so that we can boast of a better generation of leaders and youth football players especially with our Cameroon national team where the players lack moral values.