The matches started at 3pm with the CFDP match procedures and the theme was based on the second module “where girls and boys should be equal” and followed by the motivational statement:

“Gender equity leads to gender equality, where men and women enjoy equal political, social and economic status.”

The center referee was Nkolaka Valentine while Ngome and Power were assistant referees for the matches this weekend.

On Saturday, Brescia F.C. faced off against Legends F.C. Mbah Yanick, of Brescia, notched the first goal in the 10th minute of play and later in the first half, number 17 Betumbi Claude equalized for Legend F.C. Both teams had one goal at the end of regulation time, which would have been a draw in any other league. However, Brescia emerged victorious with one additional points in the standings, for the entire team arriving at the field on time. Legends F.C. arrived to the field late, which saw them lose a point on the day.

Final Result:
Brescia F.C. – 7 CFDP points + 1 FIFA point = 8 points
Legends F.C. – 6 CFDP points + 1 FIFA point = 7 points

On Sunday, Wumjeck F.C. faced off against Kumba Lakers. One player from Wumjeck came to the field late, so they started the day off at a disadvantage with minus 1 CFDP point. However, thanks to a goal in the second half, they collected three FIFA points and got the win! During match play, a player committed a foul which resulted in the Nkolaka giving a yellow card. Minus one point again for the team who could have taken advantage of a leap in the standings by following CFDP rules which promote community development, good sportsmanship, and fair play.

Final Result:

Wumjeck F.C. – 5 CFDP points + 3 FIFA points = 8 points
Kumba Lakers – 7 CFDP points + 0 FIFA points = 7 points

Stay tuned for updates from this season of the Kumba U-14 boys league to promote gender equity as action continues in two weeks.



After school session that held at G S S FIANGO on Monday 23rd march 2015 at 1:30 pm with fifteen youths taking active part in the session. all the activities during the session were interesting but the one that call my attention most was the ice breaker of which the students say their personal achievements, most of the students say how they are successful in their academic but one of the student call my attention very much when he told his friends on how the C F D P has help him achieve his gold since he become part of C F D P through the life skills during the session such as building good relationships with parents and friends, knowing the type of friends to move with just to name a few.IMG_5762 The students said C F D P has helped them to became role models in their family and community at large.

Legend FC Academy Coach Etoh Anzah Kingsley

Legend FC Academy Coach Etoh Anzah Kingsley

This coach is a big fan of the team Real Madrid and his favorite coach is Sir Andesine. Right now he is only a student but he plans on becoming a professional coach. He joined CFDP to gain the tools to help him reach his goals of becoming a professional coach. Like many other coaches, he emphasizes education and punctuality. He says that punctuality should be the watch word. This is especially important with the seven plus model. He wants to make a social impact on his players and push them towards morality and to be more accepting of others. Keep up with this amazing coach and his team.

IMG_5830The CFDP youth leadership initiative is to provide CFDP youths access to youth development sessions by organizing bi weekly capacity building sessions facilitating discussions on issues including but not limited to entrepreneurship, health education, business plan development, volunteering, community service project planning and implementation, etc. We hope to groom smart youths who are able to become role models and improve their self-esteem to help lead others in their community and in the process activate innovative thinking and problem solving skills.IMG_5831

IMG_20150315_152324The GPS FIELD kumba town,was jam parked with spectators on saturday to watch the match between,Brecia FC of Hausa quarters and Arsenal FC of kossala.The match started at exactly 2:30 pm with life skills. By 3pm the referee kick-started the match proper,the first 30 minutes of the game was characterized by a showcase of talents by this youths,not until the 43rd minute when Brescia FC opened score through a goal mouth tussle.This score ended the first half of the game. Arsenal FC mounted pressure on the first 30 minutes of the second half of the game but no goal was scored, Brescia FC had to re-enforce its defense line with the coming in of two new players,this action neutralized pressure from Arsenals attack line. The match ended with a 1-0 win by Brescia FC on the pitch and a plus 7 points from life skills, that makes a total of 10 points for Brescia FC and 7 points for Arsenal.IMG_20150315_152346
Sunday witnessed the match between WUMJECKFC, of metta quarters and ST PETER FC of Fiango still at the GPS stadium. The two teams made it late to the pitch and were deducted a point each for punctuality according to laws guiding CFDP competitions. The match started at 3pm, with brilliant and matured play styles demonstrated by the two teams.The match had a temporal break at the 34thminute of the first half, when supporters of wumjeck FC enter the pitch on claims, that they have been cheated of a penalty by the central referee.However, the match delegate managed the crisis and play resumed after five minutes, the first half ended with a zero tie. The second half began with series of narrow misses from each side, not until the 88th minute, when st peter was given a penalty due to a pushing foul committed on wumjecks goal area. The captain for st .peter, missed its opportunity.The match ended with a zero tie, when the CFDP rules were implemented, Wumjeck FC, loose a point because of a yellow card obtained during the first half.The final point system ended at 5 points for wumjeck FC and 6 points for st.peter FC ,who were the victor .However their fans went home disappointed for not winning on the pitch, they blamed their captain for the penalty miss.

Mountain Broadcast System Ojong Emmanuel

Coach of MBS (Mountain Broadcast System)

This is coach Ojong Emmanuel. He is coach of the team MBS. His favorite team is Real Madrid and his favorite coach is Carlos Ancelotti. He decided to start coaching because he has a passion for soccer and wants to develop the talent of the youth. For this season, he wants to truly understand the plus seven model and transfer that knowledge onto his academy. Like many of the other coaches, he emphasizes punctuality. With this professional attitude, there is no limits to how far him and his team can go. This is sure to turn become an extremely exciting season.

Brescia Football Formation Center Flaubert Atangana

Flaubert Atangana coach of Brescia Football Formation Center


Flaubert Atangana is the coach of Brescia FC. Like the other coahces, he is also from Kumba. His focus is on education. He makes it clear to his players that, “education is important because you will need it in whatever you do, even as a footballer.” From 2000-2012 Flaubert Atangana coached 8 schools and 4 academy teams, and is now the proprietor of Brescia FC. He is very experienced and is looking to reflect this on his season. He looks up to Everton coach Roberto Martinez as a role model and his favorite club is Cameroon, rightfully so. This is sure to make for a thrilling season for  Flaubert Atangan, as he brings his professional attitude and players onto the field.


CFDP Session in GHS Nkamlikum held on Wednesday the 11th of march 2015, had a total of 22 students who took active part, though the activities were interesting,IMG_5758 those that trilled the students with a lot of fun was the warm up and the role play, particularly the role play was outstanding were the students paired themselves in groups of four and each group select a situation where healthy and unhealthy relationship could be noticed. After small discussions each group selected two students to act a short sketch in front of their peers and leader and after each presentation the students were able to identify whether it is healthy or unhealthy relationship. It was fun and educating.


Passing out orders is as easy as passing out business cards. But a prudent leader also knows how to lead himself or herself—not merely to provide a genuine example to others, but to become a working element of the overall machinery of your organization. “It’s important that leaders have the ability to focus and motivate themselves as they motivate others,”
CFDP coaches and leaders were drilled on how to run CFDP sessions and also on the first two modules of our Curriculum which is Gender issues part I and healthy relationship, most of the leaders are determine to transform the youths based on the training they acquire from CFDP, they were paired into four groups and each group was evaluated by all the leaders it was a wonderful exercise, the only way we can spread our programs to other areas is when we have more people C360_2015-03-07-08-22-35-489 willing and ready to volunteer as leaders and work with the youths. Male leaders have the opportunity to teach Gender issues to young people thanks to CFDP.
The workshop also had outdoor activities that is football drills, based on Gender issues such as Neymar for Gender Equity, Balotelli and Ronaldo for Gender Equity.

This is Harrison Tetu. He is coach of Wumjeck Pullitin FC. He is focused on punctuality and believes that education is the key to success. He wants to pass this onto his players especially through the plus seven model. His goal is to successfully empower the youth to overcome obstacles because they are the leaders of tomorrow. There is no doubt he is adequately emphasizing this to his team as they train to get ready for the season. He looks up to Jose Mourinho who is the coach of the English team Chealsea. They are in action today against PSG in the CHampions League. There is no doubt he will be watching and taking notes. It’ll be exciting to see what Harrison Tetu and his team, Wumjeck Pullitin can do this season.

Wumjeck Pullitin FC Harrison Tetu

Wumjeck Pullitin FC