Ajong Efuetlefac, at tender age had no orientation, the father is in abroad precisely south Africa married to a different woman while the mother is into trading and she is often out of the country. Being a very busy mother who struggles to make ends meet, it became a corner stone for Ajong’s waywardness. Each day he closes from school he stayed with the grandmother who has been blind for several years. He was the mirror and walking stick of the old woman who cannot see. Though he had good relationship with neighbors he had no friends because his role at home was very demanding unfortunately for Ajong he is the only child of the mother, he spent all his time with his old blind grand ma’a and most often would absent from school. At one moment to him education was nothing without the grandmother, nobody was there to follow him up at school, or even help him do his home work. His classmates who have been attending CameroonFDP session in Kosala for two years adviced
him to come and benefit from the various life skill topics they were learning and also have fun through the football drills. During these sessions he acquired new skills, he was a shy boy before joining CameroonFDP that to him was like a stigma. Ajong is an example of a bold and confident youth with great leadership qualities and whose sees care for the younger ones and even the aged as a desirable responsibility. He is a role model to his peers and the community he lives.

Tchapda Nana is the youngest and the only male child of his parents out of five siblings, the father a lawyer and the mother an Accountant, who grow up in affluence and leisure thus he became very stubborn because he spent more time with negative peers and listen to no one even his parents and teachers. He was dismissed from three schools in the Kumba II municipality (Diligent bilingual, PCSS Fiango and ST Francis College) within one Academic year, due to disrespect of school rules and regulation and was always attacking his mates with a fight. At the age of eight several attempts was made by the mother to send him to a reformation center called Boster Institute in Buea south west Region but it failed. Respect to his parents or siblings only came when it had to earn him some money. He never followed his family to church service on Sundays; he was in fact a bad influence to any youth in his community because his stubbornness was based on his conviction. The mother tried to compare the son with other two boys of that neighborhood who are well behaved and they told him about the CameroonFDP program that keeps them busy with sports and life skills. This piece of information she got from the other youths gave her a new perspective. She personally followed the other youths with her son to the field and registered him through the community leader Fon Bidias, and she passes at the field most often and watch him attend sessions in Kosala. After more than a month of regular attendance, Nana gained passion for the program and with the positive influence he was getting from peers, Nana, slowly abandoned his old ways of been disrespectful to people , and took personal responsibility to be a changed person exhibiting leadership quality of braveness and boldness to address the crowd. With such admiration from his peers he was elected as one of the youth council member in the CameroonFDP Play4purpose youth Governance initiative.

Aroke Rene from a peasant family dropped out of school because the father worked with the ministry of Penitentiary, a correctional institution for those convicted of major crimes, the father abandoned him with the sick grandfather, and the mother a peasant farmer, He dropped out of school in form one at the age of 10 years, because the mother could not meet up with the bills at home and was unable to pay his fees due to lack of resources. He became a very wayward boy and a nuisance to his community, he was into smoking local paper and with the influence of bad friends and idleness he moved on to cigarettes and different hard drugs worst of it he did not buy any of these drugs rather he stole them from any store he came across in his community. The mother introduced him to groundnut and maize farming which he reluctantly agreed because his responsibility was harvesting and transporting while the mother concentrates on planting. He goes to the farm three times a week (Monday, Friday and Saturday), When coming back from the farm, he admired his peers attending the CameroonFDP session. He watch from distance for one month and started participating especially when he realized that it was free registration, he has been attending session for three years and slowly he gained motivation to go to the farm often just so on his way, he can sit down and watch new football drills and life skills, with his peers especially on the topic self respect wish completely revolutionized his mentality. Thanks to CameroonFDP Rene who was very lazy and disrespectful became a transformed person a very smart kid after benefiting from basic life skills topics like self Respect and Accept Responsibility. Best of it all, he has gone back to school after wasting one year at home, today he is a form four student in GBHS Kosala sponsored by his mother and he is seen as a role model because he showcases outstanding attitude of obedience during sessions, at home and in that same community he formerly terrorized

This week, CameroonFDP held Youth Council Elections for the first time. They were held at the Kosala site and Legend Academy. They were very successful!

Interested applicants had to fill out an application to be considered to be put on the ballot. Once applications were collected, names of approved participants were put on the ballot. Elections were held at the next session.

Held elections on Wednesday. There were 13 youths on the ballot. Each person had to vote for 5 names since that was the number of positions on the youth council. The results were a clearly defined 5. Winners were announced at the end of the session. The five winners will later determine which positions they will hold. The positions include President, Vice President of Football, Vice President of Social Impact, Communications Chair, and Community Service Chair.

Legend/ Kingsley site:
Held Election on Thursday. Participants ran for the open positions of: President, Vice President of Girls Football, Vice President of Boys Football, Vice President of Social Impact-Girls, Vice President of Social Impact-Boys, Communications Chair, Community Service Chair, Events Chair. There were 15 youths on the ballot for the various positions. Voting was held and winners were announced as soon as results were tallied. 4 boys and 4 girls were elected into the positions.

Both groups of youth were excited to be elected and look forward to the opportunity to serve on the youth council.

At big championships it’s not the fastest person, it’s the person who gets it right on the day
Satuc is a charity organization founded by Sheikha sheikha Althani the princess of Quarter, Satuc is aimed at helping the under privileged children and orphans in communities all over the world with skills that are not privileged to be exposed.
The satuc world up is an international five-a-aside tournament for youths created by princess Sheikha in 2013, to bring under privileged children all over the world in competition to harness talents for development.
CameroonFDP was amongst teams selected as one of the countries of street football world network to participate in the SATUK world cup 2017. From January 2017 the organization has been occupied with the selection of underprivileged youths from different communities she has been working with since 2010. Since March 2017, the youths have been undergoing weekly training to upgrade their level of fitness for the competition. In an interview with the head coach Mr Ngoe Lobe Wallace, his teams of eight youths are fully prepared for the tournament comes October 2017.

In the past few years CameroonFDP has been fortunate to be able to partner with local football clubs which has allowed the organization to expand its impact on youths around the community. Through the partnership with Legend Academy in Kumba, the organization has more access to both boys and girls football players and provide them education on life skills and other opportunities.
CameroonFDP intern Madison Clark attended one of the Legend academy practice session to talk about upcoming youths leadership opportunity the establishment of youth council in CameroonFDP sites. Legend Academy was one of two location chosen to jumpstart this initiative due to the number of active youths both boys and girls in the club, followed by a session filled with football drills and games. Madison spoke to the players explaining the roles, responsibilities, applications and election process. She also highlighted the importance of a gender equal council and encouraged both boys and girls to run for the council. There were many participants eager to take an application and partake in this new opportunity provided by CameroonFDP. Next week following elections the first ever play4purpose youth council will be established. By implementing youth councils in communities, CameroonFDP hopes to provide leadership opportunities for participants, allowing them to build a foundation of professional skills that will enrich their future.

Daniel Gamble

7 July 2017

Born in Brazil, moved to America, 2 years of University soccer at trinity Western University in Canada, knee/injury ended soccer career. Became sport therapist. Worked with injuries and all pain conditions resulting from body imbalance.
Licensed massage therapist, Youth soccer coach, assistance director of youth soccer donation projects.
I coach football in other to change the world, hearts and minds of youths must be groomed towards goodness and right living. Through the strong platform of sport/ leisure, healthy, leadership, strong community and personal growth can be taught and modeled
We can impact more kids by being better coaches, having the freedom to give and volunteer to other unreached areas.

Joben Barkey

7 July 2017

I grew up in the Amazon rain forest in Peru, at 18yrs old I moved to Canada where I played football in university. I started a company called soccer shots in southern California and southern Florida. My company trains 3.000 children per week.

According to Joben every child needs a strong healthy positive role model; I want to build a company that serves children. Soccer is fun and it naturally draws children in an environment that children want to be.

I own a soccer (football) company that trains mostly 2- 9yrs old children in a non competitive skill development program. We use soccer as a platform for bringing character development lessons to young children. We currently employ 53 people running over 500 sessions per week.

For CameroonFDP to create more impact in the world, we need a set structured and organized curriculum for all coaches and an operating system that includes very clear,
Decision making process

Regular structured meeting

Clear 10yrs Goal, 3yrs, 1 yrs, quarterly and weekly goals, each short term goal designed to support and achieve a longer term goal.

We believe that soccer is a powerful vehicle for positively impacting youth. The Soccer Shots coaches,  network with CameroonFDP  to impact more children who may not typically have the same opportunities. The bases on which Joben Barkey and Daniel Gamble travel  to Cameroon to impact close 18  youth coaches to run sessions effectively and  impact children’s lives through coaching, curriculum and communication.


“A good soccer coach takes his love for the game and instills it in you. He molds you into the player he sees inside of you and watches your talent and dedication grow into a skill that you both can be proud of. His payoff is the smile he sees on your face after you have reached your goal. His drive are the tears you cry because you want it so bad, knowing he had the same feeling inside him too. Make him proud and never give less than your best. You both deserve it.” message of today training by Coach Joben to the youth coaches.
Part two of the session will centered on how and why CameroonFDP change the mentality of kids in all communities using various football drills as illustration.