The following resolutions however, were made

  • Improve radio collaboration and engage the community to participate via questions or have coaches to get involve.
  • Engage the service of SWECOM for dissemination of briefs from the organization TV news bar.
  • Engage BoD on TV shows with Dr, Nzume accepting responsibility to arrange with CRTV Hello crew.
  • Nzume requested we look into Brasseries CSR and approach them for sponsorship of our program.
  • Ntoko said though he is not familiar with CSR he supports the opinion that approaching companies is a better option base on marketing and from social networking stand point..

Current BoD Structure:

Under consideration for the current BoD structure Dr. Nzume said the BoD members will have to look at the prospective number and then be able to decide on the responsibilities and this will be so possible when the BoD meets next. However, the following responsibilities were identified so members could begin to fill in.

  • Social Networks; Mr. Ngome Ntoko took responsibility for this on behalf of the BoD.
  • Public Reelations and Administrative Affaires: Mr. Epie Paul
  • Funding and Found Raising events; Mme Bawaka Agnes, Madam Mewanu Mbone and Dr. Nzume Gilber

Visit of the US BoD:

It was agreed that following the visit of the US BoD to Cameroon, a welcome party be arranged at the residence of Madam Mbone Mewanu to give a more serene and culture base treatment to our guests.

Secondly, it was also agreed that as part of their in country activities a tour to the City Council and the three sub Councils, SDO etc would be of added advantage and even the some corporate bodies.

In country Funding Opportunities:

On the issue of in country funding opportunities, the BoD secretary produced a list of Corporate bodies in Cameroon that fund  a wide range of community and NGO activities. Members each had a copy and it was decided that BoD members should find possible network of persons to flag off a relation with these corporation so that US BoD while here could seek some form of intended partnership, collaboration and or sponsorship.

Operating Standards:

It was generally agreed that;

  • That BoD size is increased to at least Seven (7) members.
  • Also, that meeting frequency should be monthly at least for a start, since it has been two years since the last BoD meeting.

Other Matters:

BoD chairman; Dr. Nzume Gilbert asked the Director of Operations to brief the BoD on the state of affairs of the organization. In his briefing; the Director of Operations, highlighted the league activities, operation, expansion, successes and challenges and the intended collaboration with FECAFOOT regional bureau which of course is work in process. He further iterated the need for support to strategic plans of the organization 2017 upwards as we look towards expanding to Muyuka, Buea and Limbe. Equally, the upcoming events including but not limited to Coaches Across Continents upcoming training with staff and other community coaches, the girls league to be launched in the months ahead.

Closing Remarks:

BoD Chairman Dr. Nzume thanked Collins and team members for wonderful work done so far. He said for the fact that BoD meeting has not been held for two years but great strides have been made by the team is proof enough we have an inner passion with enough motivation to change the lives of our target beneficiaries with the activities of the organization.

He thanked the new BoD members for their interest, time and energy to join force in building this organization that has found its birth in this Green City of Kumba. He thanked God for the discernment of wisdom upon every member as we strive to be better and serve with passion. He encouraged the BoD members to see how best they can be of service to the organization and the youth to whom all actions are geared. Last, Dr. Nzume encouraged BoD membes to be regular in meetings as the only way to bridge the gap and meet the expectations set forth. God bless us all!



Two community impact coaches from CameroonFDP; Caroline and Wallace will live for Douala to assist lead Community Impact coaches from a not for profit organization with a mission to reach out to the nations training and empowering coaches with the HAT-TRICK INITIAITIVE from the Coaches Across Continent curriculum on sport for social impact. Wallace and Caroline will be assisting the CAC experts to train Community Impact Coaches in Doula for a period of one week before they return to Kumba for the last year of CAC activities with CameroonFDP; A three year partnership that has resounding impact to the coaches from within the municipality of Kumba and the organization itself.


Jo Clarke a PHD Research in sports for development with NGO’s in Cameroon, last year he was so fascinated about the activities of this organization and decided to come again to follow up with her research program. Interestingly we discussed on developing the CameroonFDP curriculum and the +7 model, and according to her we are a very unique

Sport for development program, especially after reading from close to a hundred in the world, other topics of the discussion include, culture and structure of sport, Gender, Language and using sport for development.



Sequel to previous meeting and follow up to FECAFOOT Regional Bureau intended partnership, the Director of Operations of the organization has been in close contact with Mr. Ndazele Valery; First Vice President of FECAFOOT SWR, Barrister Muboh Maxwell; President Marketing, Promotion and Media and Committee. Working back and forth with these gentlemen of the FECAFOOT bureau in the SWR, a partnership document; work in process will in the days ahead be established for review by both institutions after which it shall warrant official signatories to validate and or authenticate the said document.

Certain specifics like the duration of the said partnership were discussed at the last meeting and the President Marketing, promotion and Media Committee made it abundantly clear that the draft will take a more detail approach at addressing mutual interests

Discussion on the possibility of marketing and promotion, around CameroonFDP intended female Super cup to be hosted in Limbe, gave the delegates from both organizations to brainstorm on lots around that opportunity and made prompt action steps which where suggestive at best.

Strong support for the CameroonFDP Super Cup to be hosted before the Female AFCON.

Prompt action steps:

  • Outline of activities the regional office can take to the national bureau for mutual benefit, especially for the benefit of the organization.
  • CameroonFDP to select trainee coaches and forward the lost to FECAFOOT regional bureau.

With respect to the intended Super Cup, it was suggested that; CameroonFDP takes the following prompt action steps:

  • Start training ball girls
  • Preparation for animation with traditional colours etc


Coaches Across Continent trains with CameroonFDP in kumba for the last time, our goal is to reach out to more coaches especially women who are passionate and ready to implement sessions with young people in their various communities.

The team will also brief the public on our Youth Enrichment Football League  2016 kumba and mamfe, and focus will be the upcoming training based on the following points


  • Registration  of youths and coaches on CAC training July 4t
  • Mobilization
  • Requirement
  • Gender balance
  • Pre and post survey



Running CameroonFDP activities in any club depends on the commitment of the coach, Kingsley’s leadership and dedication at Legend FC has been a great evolution.  His club’s participation in all activities of CameroonFDP youth enrichment league 2016   has been remarkable. Kingsley testifies that working with these youths has made him a better person, equipped to meet up with challenges in life. He was the best coach who understood the plus 7 model and took advantage of it during the finals defeating Wumjeck FC by a margin of one point based on punctuality. He also implemented community service projects in his community with the youths of his football academy to achieve their goals. Etoh Kingsley; Young and dynamic is a mentor and a role model to the youths of his sporting academy whom he has promised never to disappoint.


Playing sports boosts self-confidence. Girls who play sports feel better about themselves. Why? It builds confidence when you know you can practice, improve, and achieve your goals. Sports are also a feel-good activity because they help girls get in shape, maintain a healthy weight, and make new friends, our goal is to get more women involved in the upcoming training learn new skills, build up their self-confidence and promote leadership qualities in their various communities.
When women and girls can walk on the playing field, they are more likely to step into the classroom, and step out as leaders in society

The players from Legend FC arrived at the field first, followed by their coach, Kingsley. As they trickled in late in the morning of Saturday, May 28, 2016, they greeted members of the CameroonFDP management team who were busy preparing the field for the Championship Match. Moments later, Coach Harrison of Wumjeck FC arrived at the field, his players arriving behind him. Both teams had arrived for the final match – to test everything they had been working on for the past several weeks.
Check out the pictures here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1292462227451171.1073741966.199411136756291&type=1&l=3b065cd828

Soon they began warming up, under the leadership of their coach-mentors, engaging in activities that exercised both the body and mind! Both teams were anxious to get on the field and compete for the Cup. The boys realized they were not only playing for the sake of playing, but to promote the message of the 2016 league which was gender equity. It was not long before the referees ventured to meet with each team and test what they had learned during the season about respecting girls and encouraging their female peers to be more confident and gain the skills they need to succeed in soccer, school, and in life.

Before kickoff, the team captains from each club read motivational statements about the theme of the match to the growing crowd on the sidelines. The Chairman of the occasion was the Divisional Delegate of Sport and Physical Education from Meme Division. The high table included a number of professionals from the Kumba community, including technical staff of FECAFOOT.

At the half, the game was tied 0-0. More people were coming to see the action which demonstrated the improvements of each club. After the full time, Legend FC emerged victorious with a 1 goal lead and took the cup home. Players and coach alike cheered in jubilation!

The day was a great success and a celebration of the many month of hard work put forth by players, coaches, administration, and management team to support our mission of youth development through sport. The Kumba community appreciated the initiative and we look forward to the next one!

In the town of Mamfe, five (5) teams are involve in the CFDP tournament. The teams are; Shalom Academy, Santos FC, Miaham, Dream Soccer and Nikoto FC. The opening fixtures saw a spectacular display from Shalom and Santos FC which Santos emerged victorious with one goal to zero.
The tournament continued where matches were played every Sunday. After four matches from each team, the tournament saw four teams to the semi finals which were Dream Soccer, Santos, Shalom and Miaham.
After an interesting two legs semi -finals, two teams emerged to the finals. These teams were; Shalom and Santos.
The finals which took place on the 15th May 2016 started at 3:00pm with CFDP session and kick off was done by the Divisional Technical Director at the office of Sports and Physical Education at 3:30pm.
All the teams were excited and very prepared to play. The first half saw a spectacular play from Agbor Alfred who netted two (02) goals within the space of 5 minutes and his team (Shalom) went 2 goals up at the first break.
The match ended with record 2 goals to one in favor of Shalom Academy. Agbor Alfred emerged the highest goal scorer with 5 goals and Oru Kingsley

• CameroonFDP Director of Operations Mr. Diony Collins, and two other staff members; Killian and Nenne were given a hilarious welcome by the elites of Barombi Mbo village at the event making the arrival of Adam and Joe Pucchetti; Engineering students from the University of Dayton under the prestigious ETHOS Program. Adam and Joe will spend 10 weeks in Cameroon to carry out survey works towards the eminent construction of the Barombi Mbo road project. Joe and Adam were so happy and excited to meet and work with the villagers.
The chief of Barombi Mbo though old and blind is not tired, his speech wss filled with enthusiasm and happiness, he cautioned the villagers to take responsibility and work with the students. He told Adam and Joe to feel at home.
High lights of the occasion include traditional rites, choral singing, Traditional dances, speeches ETC.