Soccer For Maxwell

15 September 2017

Maxwell, age 13, was born with a rare form of Skeletal Dysplasia (kwashiorkor). The father is a missionary who moved from place to place to preach the Gospel and the mother; a social worker under the ministry of social affairs. Etta has three brothers who play football in different sporting institutions; all Maxwell could do then was watch while his brothers play. Maxwell’s life changed when he joined CameroonFDP two years ago. He was able to participate in all sessions in Nkamlikum, more importantly; he became part of Kabate team. He never felt out of place or that everyone was looking down on him, as he did sometimes in his everyday life. His life has changed dramatically since joining Kabate and playing and learning new core values and football drills with peers. Maxwell is so happy doing the things “regular” kids get to do and his parents report that he has more self-confidence and is more willing to try new things.

Moria-el age 13 years joined CameroonFDP program because he was trying to avoid getting into trouble with a gang of neighborhood boys in Nkamlikum community. He quickly integrated himself in the Kabate team and after a few weeks, he volunteered to keep equipment’s so he can always come to the field and prepare the field before session and after sessions, he would take the equipment’s home. It was not long, humble and friendly Morial – el was soon leading his peers seeking guidance and change. The youths and the coach have recognized his leadership potential and when the youth governance initiative will be introduced in this community he will sure lead them as president. He recently recounted, ‘my favorite thing about CameroonFDP is the fact that I can learn so many new skills, games and play soccer outside of the pressures of family, school and peers’. Today, he is seen as a potential leader on whom his team relies on in achieving their goals.

Confidence For Bernard.

13 September 2017

Bernard age 16 years is a lower sixth student in CCAS kumba. He joined the program not knowing what he wanted to do after high school. After joining Kabate team, Bernard got the chance to attend several sessions where life skill topics and football drills and took advantage of the core values from the new enhanced curriculum. This sparked off the process of transforming and reshaping his mindset.
During the first few weeks of sessions, Bernard was quiet and shy. He regularly deferred to youths that were visibly more talented. As times goes on, we noticed that he started to really take pride in his passion and enjoyed the sessions and the games finding his niche. He has since signed up for CameroonFDP Programs in Nkamlikum and has serious sense of responsibility and enthusiasm to lead his peers before and after sessions learning sportsmanship and team work.

Weekly Updates

8 September 2017

First PLAY4PURPOSE pre leagues games kick off in Nkamlikum community this September,
Youths select match delegates and referees to serve as officials during tournaments. Match delegates serve as ‘football peer educators and mentors’ who oversee all activities on the field and on the sidelines during games.
Results: 5 from Kosala, 3 from Kabata, 4 from Buea Road
The youths in Kosala community took advantage of the early morning’s bright weather last Monday to carry out a second community service, with all the youths present and on time 7am with their cutlasses headed by their community leader; Fon Bidias. The entire duration of work took close to three hours and at the end the youth were more than excited seeing what little hands could accomplish; a clean and safe play ground which had been a disturbing factor for more than three weeks. In the weeks and months ahead the youth council with coordinate and oversee the implementation of more community service projects in Kosala. As much as the youths all love to play football, they equally want to be role models in their community though volunteerism in solving problems they identify. CameroonFDP staff members were also present to encourage the youths for taking up such initiative. The next community service will take place in Nkamlikum came for more updates.
Brainstorming session by the management team involving three program groups reviewed August and programmed the month of September.
Youth Participation Update excel spreadsheets with July and August participation records for all neighborhoods and Analyze data collected at end of month surveys. Leadership and Education – Develop details of “modules” for training sessions, including the following, Clear learning outcomes for each module, Provide more detail to Curriculum for Be a Team Player topic – 4 weeks of “layers” each one building on the other and Football for Good Add football games to connect with curriculum topic breakdown mention and reaction of parents who received CameroonFDP flyers from their kids.
CamroonFDP is more than a sports organization. We dedicate much of our time to the social component of our programs. While the youth may only come out to play soccer, they go home with something more. Each time our leaders in Cameroon work with boys and girls during our after-school programs, the message is more than improving soccer skills. Because we step outside the classroom to educate the youth, they become more receptive to the topics of the different discussions we engage them in. Sometimes we forget how much we can learn when we are having fun!

To Be a Team Player means to work well with other people in order to achieve a common goal. As a team, we learn from peers, we build our weakness with the strengths of our peers, as we get better working together, we can accomplish any goal. It is not only in football that peers work as a team, even in school, when you learn and also do your homework with your peers, it is obvious your grades will improve.
In Nkamlikum community Team players treat fellow teammates with courtesy and respect — not just some of the time but consistently. In addition, they show understanding and the appropriate support of other teammates to help get the job done. These players also have a sense of humor and know how to have fun but they don’t have fun at someone else’s expense. Team players who show commitment don’t come in any particular style or personality. In fact, they may even be soft-spoken, but they aren’t passive. They care about what the team is doing and they contribute to its success — without needing a push. Effective leaders do not act solely as individuals. The purpose of a leader is to work with people to find sustainable solutions collectively. Leaders bring people together. The best leaders don’t act with a sense of superiority; they act with a sense of empathy and support.

Characteristics Of A Team Player
To be a successful team player, you need to consider and pay attention to the following characteristics:
Not only can you count on a team player to get his share of the work done, you know that if you ask him to do something or be somewhere, it will be handled professionally and on time.
A team player can easily handle changing conditions in the workplace. He knows how to change gears easily, adapting to the situation at hand without complaining.
A true team player has a strong desire to better the team in words and actions. He shows he is dedicated through consistent good effort and a willingness to step forward.
Problem solving
Teams are often formed to resolve issues that arise. A team player contributes to solutions and will also be able to handle any conflicts that may inherently arise from working with others.
Team players treat others with respect and know how to appropriately get the job done. They support other team members and compliment and acknowledge the contribution of others.
A team player is always willing to pitch in, whether it is their direct responsibility or not. A team player keeps an eye on the bottom line, which is getting the job done. He gladly accepts requests for assistance, often taking the initiative to help out.

Kabate Team

8 September 2017

The team started thanks to Aghen Kelly Laurain and Nzo Rawol youths of Nkamlikum community who initially mobilized the youths and introduce the program to them. They started with 10 youths; unfortunately, girls are not part of them. Their practice days; Thursday and Tuesday has been consistent with dividend being increase in attendance over time. The most interesting thing is that the parents are very supportive and most often visit the youths in the field. We have a population of close to 40 youths with ages from 11 to 14 years. A play4purpose tournament has been organized by head coach; Wallace based on the first two topics of the Curriculum, Be prepared and Be a team player

Nkamlikum Community

8 September 2017

It has a population of over 5000 inhabitants and is divided into four sub quarters headed by local quarter heads and is dominated by farmers and a few business persons. This community has five secondary schools and four primary schools coincidentally CameroonFDP programs started in GHS Nkamlikum and many outstanding youths like Enow David are products from this institution.
Inhabitants of this community encourage and support sports programs; they find time to visit their kids during sessions to see what they are doing, more so this area has three other football Academies headed by coaches who benefits from CameroonFDP trainings.
The incorporation of football drills and life skill topics has created great impact in the lives of the youths in this community evident from the fact that most of the youths who dropped out of school and became delinquent, through CameroonFDP rich curriculum and core values were transformed integrated in their community

Bidias was shy when he attended our first youth camp at St Francis College at the age of 10. From early on, CameroonFDP Coach Caroline saw the potential in Bidias and worked to ensure he had the maximum benefit from the program. She helped Bidias to gain confidence in himself and that has paid dividends over time because today he is the the first-ever community leader in our PLAY4PURPOSE programs in Kosala.
“Ever since that moment, I made a promise to myself that I wanted to be that coach someday, making a change in someone else’s life,” he said.
Seven years later, Bidias is a community coach working with close to 60 youths under his control. In this role, he is planning and co-leading activities during sessions in Kosala conducting outreach and serving as a mentor to inspire other youths who are participating in CameroonFDP – just like he was so many years ago.
Hear directly from Bidias and see the impact of CameroonFDP programs in our newest video. Check it out.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AB8i9cpJVcE

Punctuality is one of those positive habits of a person absolutely tied to timeliness. It is one of most important the secrets behind any successful person. No leader is great who is not punctual! Youths in the organization; coaches and participants are compelled to learn and inculcate this virtue in order that they arrive at sessions on time and never late, and make it a part of their character strength beyond football. Being punctual means to be on time as well as maintains everything related to task in orderly manner in order to complete the task on time. It is an etiquette which motivates a person to do and complete tasks within a time frame in timely manner and keeps him well aware of the importance of time. A punctual person knows well to manage and respect his/her time. Our intention is to inculcate this value in our communities of operation.

Value and Importance of Punctuality in Cameroonfdp Sessions.
A person, who is punctual, lives a much disciplined life and gets lots of respect in the family and society. He does all the works on time successfully without any interference. Community leaders and youth coaches working in the organization are trained in tough manner to be disciplined and punctual on their duty whether it is raining, sunny, and thundering, they still create time to run sessions and impact the youths. Punctuality leads a person towards success located at any highest point. This quality can better develop from the childhood by the help of parents at home and teachers at school and community coaches in our play for purpose model. We have introduced a point system of check in and checkout, to encourage the youths. Preparedness is a great virtue to the youths whether educated or drop out

Sport is only the tool, the end game is helping youths thrive as they face the most pressing issues of adolescence. Kosala is a cosmopolitan community with people from diverse culture including foreigners. Youths in this community are privileged to benefit from CameroonFDP Play4Purpose League, learning new life skills and football drills. Akom Caroline is a Community Impact Coach who lives in the community of Kosala, her wish is to see the youths in her community excel in various domains in life and to make this vision a reality, she had trained Bidias Fon who has been in the program since 2010 and today is the first ever community Leader is an example of a youth whose impact by the program has made him a role model and a mentor to youths and his peers who depend on him in achieving their goal. Bidias is 18years old and a lower sixth student who has participated in all CameroonFDP professional trainings; today he is a mentor and role model to over 60 youths in our Play4Purpose League in Kosala Community.