According to him we need more coaches and mentors to help us, a lot of youths today suffer from lack of mentorship, one of the great values of mentors is their ability to see ahead what others cannot see and help the youth achieve their goal. Wallace is determined to make a difference in Mamfe, working closely with the site managers, coaches and the youths on CameroonFDP +7 values that is the corner stone of the new curriculum.


Iron sharpened iron, so the mind of a man sharpened that of another. By rubbing our little brains with those of the U.S. BoD members we were able to tap from their professional experiences and positive work ethics. They came, they saw and understood and helped reshape how we should think and view success around key metrics blinding both cultures. The vision is now bold, clearer and the impact assured to be exponential says Diony Collins director of operation.


Learning is the kindling of a flame, nobody is too old to lean

To be able to train trainees, you must first have the skills required as a trainer. This happens when you keep training yourself to adopt and to be flexible. The Kumba Management Team from the 25th of August 2016 will begin a 2 days training with its expansion site managers from mamfe. The curriculum based training is aimed at equipping staff members and site managers with a mastery skill as they plan to facilitate coaches’ clinic in Kumba and mamfe for the six coming weeks beginning September 5th.  Proficiency on the use of the +7 Model Curriculum will dictate the impact these will have on the coaches through and by whom the knowledge acquired reaches the target beneficiaries; the youth players!



Playing sports boosts self-confidence. Girls who play sports feel better about themselves. Why? It builds confidence when you know you can practice, improve, and achieve your goals. Sports are also a feel-good activity because they help girls get in shape, maintain a healthy weight, and make new friends, our goal is to get more women involved in the upcoming tournament that will take place in kumba, Mamfe, Limbe and Buea, and the girls will learn new skills, build up their self-confidence and promote leadership qualities in their various communities.

When women and girls can walk on the playing field, they are more likely to step into   the classroom, and step out as leaders in society. The difference between who you are and who you want to be, is what you do.DSC09231

IMG-20160823-WA0006CameroonFDP got the opportunity to come together as a team and participate in the Government Delegate’s Tournament organized in Kumba, meme Division. Though our team was not as experienced as the young and energetic boys from other teams in the municipality, they made it to the quarter finals where they were defeated by Makata FC: 0-4. Our club’s participation in the tournament created municipal-wide awareness about the Organization. In between goals is a thing called life that has to be lived and enjoyed. Kudos to our boys next year they will do better.


The meeting centered on three points, i.e. how to mobilize the girls, how to consistently engage them and run programs and how to deal with their challenges.

Based on the first point the management team together with the coaches will play a pivotal role to contact the parents, do personal crusade while the girls update their friends about the program and it’s benefits to participants. On program consistency it was agreed that we organize friendly competitive matches more often and improve on effective communication. Lastly to meet up with their challenges CameroonFDP staff and the coaches will take a more realistic follow up approach with the girls on a personal basis so that they are inspired, motivated and have a feeling of fulfillment as they thrive to achieve their goals.



Members of the board Martellius Aurelius, Matt Weissberg and Jenifer Ehinger spent two weeks in Cameroon to push the organization forward, the first week was centered around capacity building which included power hour, how to evaluate success and linking impact to revenue. They also got the opportunity to network with the Cameroon Board members, board of commissioners, coaches and the youths, Success stories; from individuals or organizations, are almost always the result of collaborative effort among many people who are united by a single goal and vision.


13699998_1317518701612190_314637839398976072_nWithout teamwork, success by an organization is not in view. Team work empowers individuals as they work together to accomplish more than they would have accomplished by themselves. This week the management team brainstorms on activities that will take place in the next two months, and major discussions were centered around the mobilization of the girls with the coaches, as CameroonFDP thrives to promote gender equity by organizing girls tournament based on the plus seven values, because it is often said girls who play sport are most likely to stay longer in school. Our goal is to empower more girls to become role models, independent and great women.


3 Minutes, CameroonFDP

  • Mission,

The organization mission is to improve the lives of youth in Cameroon and Africa with the game of soccer using an innovative approach to sport for development.

  • Areas of Operation (Kumba, Mamfe, Buea, Limbe), community programs, equipment’s and networking with other NGO’s and FECAFOOT officials.
  • Mobilization of girls to participate in our upcoming girls tournament that will take place in Mamfe, Kumba, and Buea and Limbe.

Guidelines, Number of girls we have already and the number we wish to have to successfully organize the tournament.


3 Minutes – update of matches kumba /Mamfe.

  • CameroonFDP participation at the ongoing Government Delegate cup, especially after qualification to the second round.
  • Mamfe and Bamenda mobilization.
  • Coaches Meeting and take off of girls training in view of the upcoming league.



2 Minutes – Up Coming Events.

  • Mobilization of youths and coaches on the girl’s tournament.
  • Youth camps with the girls
  • Pre and post survey
  • Coaches clinic
  • Board of Directors meeting


2 Minutes – Salutation and Acknowledgement

  • Management team
  • BOD, Cameroon and US
  • BOC kumba
  • Chairman Ngah Emmanuel
  • Alex mbintcha
  • Coach Mundolo
  • Fecafoot Beaurue
  • Girls who are ready to participate in our upcoming girl’s tournament.





Great moments are born from great opportunity and that is what CameroonFDP boys have done this afternoon, they qualified for the second round of the competition after beating Iceland FC two goals to one, Coach Wallace was determine and focused to carry his team to the next level, when people succeed it is because of hard work, luck has nothing to do with success says coach Wallace. Watch out of updates from the next round of the competition.