The event took place at bilingual academy of arts and science kumba (BASSK). It started at 7:30 am with the arrival of students and leaders which was followed by the registration. At about 8: am the director of operation gave his welcome speech. After the speech, we started with the outdoor activity which was the 5 vs 5 tournament which the schools were divided in two groups, that’s group A and group B of which they played two matches each. And the first two qualified for the semifinals. After that they both played each other, GBHS kosala and BHS kang barombi qualify for their group while DILIGENT and MULTI PURPOSE did same for theirs as well.GBHS played DILIGENT while BHS played MULTI PURPOSE. Following the point system MULTI PURPOSE AND GBHS played the final of which by the end of the day MULTI PURPOSE was the winners of the 5 vs 5 tournament. The winner of the day was from GBHS KOSALA. She was out standing in the field of played.IMG_4757
During the second part of the activities, this was the quiz and survey and award of prizes. In the quiz they had to answer questions on C F D P, PLUS 7 MODULE, GENDER And SEX. The schools all did well and the list had 12 points out of 20 and was G S S FIANGO. And the outstanding school was GBHS KOSALA. They had all the points. The overall performance of the activities are as follows; GBHS KOSALA with 95%, MULTI PURPOSE with 90%, G B H kang barombi with 80%, DILIGENT with 77.5%, GLOBICCOL with 67%, G H S kumba mbeng with 65%.
In all, the general performance was good since no school scored below average. This shows that the leaders were serious.
Prizes were given to the first three schools of which we gave them fills, a packet of pencil of 12, a ruler and a book. The overall school had a shield. While the leaders had a jersey wheeling Jesuit and a T-shirt. All the youths had participating prizes of T-shirt (TWIN BORO).
DAVID from CCAS KUMBA who had been part and parcel of C F D P since he was in G H S nkamlikum, gave a word of encouragement and told them all that the organization had did to him and how his life is now change and advise them to take C F D P activities serious to be better Cameroonians in future. Akom Caroline was also appreciated for running sessions in kosala despite her busy schedule in the office thanks to her the school performance was excellent.
The youths had their launch and a closing remark was given by the director and the day ended with photographs.

IMG_6224As a Regional Referee working under the ministry of sports and physical education,
He congratulates CFDP for such a wonderful program and to him the first phase in mamfe though it was an introduction it was a good participation and effective engagement, the youths were all anxious to participate and most were disappointed during the screening exercise. He proposed that CFDP should organize local tournaments before the original one because it boasts the morals of the children.
According to him is not all about wining but participation, education and sensitization. He was very happy with the idea of gender equality. In mamfe the girls are often discriminated and are not given the opportunity to play so he appreciates CFDP for promoting girls participation through sports.

Two days coaches clinic in mamfe took another dimension, the next phase of the tournament will be focused on gender issues, most of the coaches don’t have girls in their teams thus it was a perfect opportunity for them to understand the idea of gender and introduce it to their youths. We started with module three, for them to understand the concept of gender and sex, gender equality and gender equity. The second day of the training was based on module four that is Gender and power. The leaders understand the perception of gender norms; remember that this perception may also be affected by class, race, ethnicity and other differences. Coaches were told to act like a man and also as a woman and share some experiences of someone or something similar to them. They also enlightened leaders on various football drills to be used during the tournaments especially on CAC and Quiver drills.
At the end of the training the facilitator encourage coaches to be more gender sensitive especially when working with boys and girls in various teams, so that men and women can live a healthier and happy lives. Thus we must promote gender equitable behaviors like making joint decisions and men respecting a woman’s right to say no to sex, sharing responsibilities and care for others.

The training started at about 8:15am with 28 youths taking part. And the topic of the day was factors of training and the 10 important factors include
• Develop skills in different areas
• Choose effective strategy and tactics for change
• Cooperative ways to change your community
• Network and communication for change
• Evaluate mutual experiences and build mutual support.
• Skills for thinking and tested in practice
• It identify specific problems
• It helps in group evaluation
• Teaches method of creating trust.
• Quick and creative responses in crisis situation.

Youths went out for outdoor activities they did some football component and they played 5v5. To make the session more interesting the youth tell stories of which they came out with what they learn from the stories. The session ended well with the youths taking active

The international labor day in kumba would have been a zero event if CFDP did not take part.Picture 159 In our new track suit donated by wheeling Jesuit Soccer, it created more awareness ,through the commentaries the journalist were making ,we had the most colorful representation in the field. As we match past the grand stand the SDO for meme could not help it as he asked the delegate of sports to take note of the Organization matching with youths carrying football for social impact. It really was an impact and we hope to keep impacting.
During the refreshment there was food and drink and our community players and leaders trilled us with beautiful songs and the whole team dance, the ambiance was wonderful……………CFDP Oyeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
Picture 191

The match between and amongst CFDP staff members and volunteers from community program was one experience, we would never wish to depart from our stream of activities. If Nenne manager of communication and cultural exchange could be nominated best player of the match then it really was an engaging match with memories to write home.
The match was good because both the management team and the leaders were punctual, good exercise to keep body and soul moving. It was a wonderful victory as management team defeated the leaders by 4 goals against two.


“If you chase a man and he runs past his village forgets him” Not much can ever be said that has not been said or
heard about man and his origin. Today we look at CFDP and its humble beginning. It was summer time and the cradle was the small arm like office, down town Commonwealth avenue Kumba were it all started in 2010. Four years and ten months have come and gone with many great strides the birth place of CFDP holds and will forever hold the most cherished memories of all times in the hearts of staff members and volunteers.
To fix you must mare. Reconstructing the commonwealth avenue of Kumba has forced CFDP out of its birth place to a new venue where fate still hangs on the air. We will never find the right combination of words to thank the chief architect of the home where CFDP was born some four years and ten months ago. Pa Nweke Josephat, a patron of the organization, a man whose sense of responsibility to the organization and staff members whom he sees as his children is more than any combination of men and women in the name of a BOD or BOC. May he live till we grow old as he is today!
From the paved commonwealth avenue to the ever dusty and bumpy Kramah avenue where CFDP has found resettlement, whether temporal or permanent can never be comparative to where a child is born, as important as it is to humankind our birth place is the only real home. At the commonwealth avenue where the city of Kumba converges staff members of the organization prided themselves with a sense of prestige as they rubbed shoulders each day with bankers and prominent business persons who occupy the plush offices along the avenue. Our new location very adjacent to the high court is filled with law firms and many pupil lawyers and barristers at law who think they are the only ones who went to school so greeting you is not part of their culture.

‘’Successful leadership is your ability to direct and challenge the very best that is in those whom you lead’’
IMG-20150427-WA0005 Last week there was a coach’s clinic in Ndu with with the leader’s players and coaches in Ndu, facilitated by Lobe Wallace and Peter Ngwane from CFDP management team. The people are excited to work with this organization and insist that we should not postpone the league. Plus seven model was reviewed alongside with both CAC and Quiver drills.

On the last day they did their practical successfully and we were impressed the way they implemented it. The only issue for us is to train the match delegates and referees. The coaches were reminded that they have only one month few weeks to get the youths prepared.

Matches Over The Weekend

28 April 2015


The match started about 5pm due to inter service that was going on at G P S. The theme for the day was UNDERSTANDING THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN BOYS AND GIRLS. The match procedure was actually followed but ST. PETER did a different ice breaker from that of the module three which end her score a zero.
On the field of play for the 1st match during the 1st half they were zero on both site upon resumption during the 2nd half a striker from ST.PETER by name Klovert who was putting on jersey number 12 scored an opening goal in 25 minutes of played and the scored ended like that and finally ST.PETER had 9 points while WUMJECK had 7 points.
For the second match between ARSENAL and BRESCIA, they played well, the match finally ended zero for both site and the points were ARSENAL FC had 5 points while BRESCIA FC had 8 points.


Buea is vibrant partly thanks to the presence of a university and partly due to the societies’ ability to provide development opportunities that empowers the youth to create positive change. Any society where this is not the case badly needs a local JCI chapter. Our Green City; Kumba is a point in reference. Seeing how the presence of JCI local chapter was changing many societies around us we opted for a rebirth of a local chapter in Kumba. Blessed with little support from the City Council, municipal councils, local chapter senators and CFDP, we were able to launch the Kumba leadership academy. The sole aim is to provide development opportunities that will empower the youths to create positive change. The KLA will make the youths who go through it better leaders, better trainers, better entrepreneurs and better persons who can help transform the city of Kumba with a global network opportunities and foster active citizenship. The launch will not be possible without the presence of the2015 National President and BOD members to Kumba, the presence of strategic partners and other stakeholders. Many thanks to all who supported us.