AvonworthPITTSBURGH—Cameroon Football Development Program (CameroonFDP) is planning its upcoming programs for the next year and we have some exciting news… more communities in Cameroon want our programs! In order to accommodate these new programs and leagues, we need to expand our reach and raise more funds. With the holiday season approaching, we are presenting four service projects and invite you to join CameroonFDP in changing lives with the beautiful game.

CameroonFDP thrives off of our enthusiastic volunteers. We have had many dedicated volunteers in the past who donate their time to our organization. At Avonworth High School in Pittsburgh, two seniors, Lauren Robinet and Alex Kirsch, took initiative to contribute to CameroonFDP. With the support of the girls’ soccer team, they collected equipment and raised $500 with our T-shirt Express Project in the spring of 2015.

Lauren and Alex’s hard work paid off. Young soccer players in Cameroon now wear their Avonworth High School jerseys and use their soccer equipment. To see Cameroonian youth wear the same shirts they wore and play the same sport they love was a rewarding experience for the girls. In addition, Lauren and Alex learned entrepreneurship skills and other practical knowledge that can be used in the future. These accomplishments were recognized in a local Pittsburgh news report: http://pittsburgh.cbslocal.com/2015/09/25/avonworth-hs-seniors-donate-equipment-to-young-soccer-players-in-africa/

Lauren and Alex’s example can easily be implemented in other schools. CameroonFDP has four Supporters’ Projects for schools and students to get involved: Sports Jersey Day, Coins Make Change, T-Shirt Express, and Charity Soccer Match. These projects are fun and easy, and promote social responsibility while increasing global awareness at the same time.

We are getting exciting about the upcoming holiday season and the successful projects that result from this time. We are striving to complete our goal of raising $10,000 by the end of 2015. Be a part of our end-of-the-year campaign. Join CameroonFDP.

Learn more about our Supporters’ Projects: http://www.cameroonfdp.com/supporters/

Girls from Arsenal

However sport is a powerful tool and platform to strengthen social ties, networks, engage the community and promote positive messages. Though CameroonFDP girls were defeated 3 V 1, it was a tough match, kudos to all our Donors for supporting our girls program.
We know that sport is empowering, particularly for girls, and challenge gender norms.
DSC06209 Sport participation offers girls an opportunity to build their self-esteem, courage and self-efficacy. It is a place where they can take up leadership positions and through sport programs girls’ belief in their own ability increases. This translates into everyday life – it encourages them to take initiative, raise their voices and attempt things they never assumed were possible. When community members see girls achieve in sport, they often recognize their potential to achieve in other domains.

20 years old Kema Janet led her peers during training last Wednesday. Her goal is to become a professional player playing for the national Team of Cameroon as well as international leagues. For me to be a role model in my community I will do my best to encourage others in my neighbourhood and also be available to give advice to those who want to play like me. CameroonFDP can help me to become a professional through football skills development; tactical and technical, discipline on and off the field and also give me access to competitive games with other clubs in and out of the Region.

17 years old Foyet Melanie lives in three corners Fiango and attends CCAS Kumba . I choose to play football because I was born with the talent as I started playing football at an early age back in Primary School. For me to become a role model in my community I will be self-respectful, obedient, and punctual in any activity for which my participation is needed. I have improved in my education and social ethics thanks to my participation in all CamerronFDP activities especially the girls program. Where I freely explore my talents.

Following their participation at the Bamenda Super Cup the youths have demonstrated great leadership skills via community projects, their first project was filling stones along their very bumpy, muddy and practically impassable farm to market roads during the rainy season. That project gave the youths fame and motivation to do more. The youths together with their peers have embarked on the second community project by filling the roads leading to the ceremonial grand stand. The chiefs and elites in this locality are very happy with CameroonFDP for empowering the youths with a sense of responsibility towards community development contributing their own quarter for progress in a village where juvenile delinquency is very high. The youths who were present in Bamenda are now seen as role models in the community and all their peers rely on them in setting goals and achieving them especially short term goals evident by the community service projects implemented since coming from Bamenda.

Nanga Vanessa Nhon lives in Kosala three and is 17years old and school in G B H S Kosala. She plays football to become a model and also builds her up and gives her a good structure. According to her,football is a means for relaxation of her brain and playing it keeps her happy and above all uses football as a means to challenge men. She said to be a role model in her community she has to play excellently well and Cameroonfdp is a perfect platform and I have to be generous to all that I come across in life and also have to educate and encourage other youths. moreso DSC05849
God fearing , polite and obedient. I need technical assistance from Cameroonfdp , by correcting my wrongs to right, give me access to more competitive engagement in and out of the town and train me to be strong.

Epinge Dorothy Njamobea who lives in Metta Quarter “Polletin Quarter” age 21, I choose to play football because it keeps me athletic, a game that has no barrier like other games played only by institutions. Just like Handball which if you are not a student you can’t practice and play, and above all football makes me really happy and fulfilled.
To become a role model in my community she said she will use the game of football to exhibit good moral values like respect for team mates and apponents, humility, love and compassion for others. And also equally encouraging younger ones to be part of the game as it create and impact me so too they can be impacted. I expect CameroonFDP to educate me on leadership skills so that I can empower other girls who have dropped out of school. And train me on more technical and tactical training to build my physical and psychological strength for the game, participate in more competitions games with other clubs.


Kobe Stella, stays at Fongu Quarter at Kosalla one of our community of operation. A form one student at Presbyterian Youth Centre (PYC)
I play football because I am determined to play at the Cameroon National Team and why not internationally, also to be a role model in my community my objective is to lead by example, and despite my age I intend to break all communication barriers especially as most of my peers are older than me.
Cameroonfdp should organize more educational sessions that will spur me and give me opportunities to lead my peers.

Senge Rudy has participated in Cameroonfdp activities since inception in 2010.
An Upper sixth student from Victory Comprehensive College, According to Ruddy I play football to be strong and healthy and determine to became a professional footballer ,outside playing football, I will follow my carrier as an agriculturalist and with the platform I have benefited from this organization the sky will not be my limit. I am a role model in my community because I am disciplined and punctual both in and out of the field, and keep away from social distraction like Alcohol and smoking.
I expect Cameroonfdp to equip me with more skills, organize training sessions, more tournaments and teach me the rules and regulations of the game.
My family also encourages my participation in this training because the output is visible.


Education has been called a social vaccination against HIV, when girls stay in school they are much likely to become infected, that is the drive of CameroonFDP to keep more girls in school with our innovative approach to sports for development. 21 young girls participate in the training that took place at Saint Teresa primary school field despite the nature of the weather the girls were filled with enthusiasm to prove their worth in the beautiful game of football. One of our organization’s objectives is based on gender equality and training these girls to participate at a tournament is an opportunity for us to avoid them dropping out of school, unemployment, violence and Teen pregnancies some of the risk behaviors young girls continue to face.
The presence of the management team spurred and motivated the girls who were so flexible and willing to share their achievements and challenges both at home and at school while participating at the girls football program. Big thanks to Coach Kama and Harrison who are always present to mentor these girls.