Running CFDP activities in any school depends on the commitment of the leader, Kingsley’s leadership and dedication in running after school sessions in Multipurpose Center for Youth Development has been a great evolution. A school always occupying bottom position in all previous end of year gatherings emerged second and their participation in all activities this year was remarkable. Kingsley testifies that working with these youths for one year has made him a better person equipped to meet up with challenges in life. Young and dynamic he also work with the community and runs a football club called Legend FC, the youths at his football formation center rely on him to achieve their goals and he has pledged never to disappoint them. He appreciates CFDP for using him in all their programs and a special thanks to Ashu Takang who introduce him to the organization.

Participating in CFDP activities for the past five years has made me a confident and determined student. During my humble days as a form three student in GHS Nkamlikum, I met with Mr. Diony Collins who then was in charge of CFDP after school session in GSS Nkamlikum now GHS Nkamlikum. He found leadership qualities in me, encouraged me and gave me the opportunity to find strength in leading my peers and in no time I was helping him to run sessions and I can remember a few times he will come and ask that I take control and run session for the day while he watches us and dashes in to correct me. That year we emerged second at the competitive end-of-year gathering in CCAS Kumba, 2011-2012 school years. The following year, I became full time CFDP leader in our school and continued running session for one year in the absence of Mr. Diony, who had become the head of CFDP operations in Kumba. A year after my ordinary level, I moved to CCAS Kumba for high school and continued session in CCAS kumba till this moment. I now hold a first participation certificate from Coaches Across Continents as Community Impact Coach. I find great pleasure participating in all CFDP programs that is why I spent time informing others about the importance of participating in CFDP sessions. Am 16 years old and will be in the university next year and pledges to be an ambassador where ever I find myself. Fortunately for am one of CFDP youngest interns in the office this summer.

CFDP coaches meeting last Friday at the office appreciated the organization for a professional color given to the just ended tournament in terms of screening, administration, general operations; champions league and Plus seven Model, award medals, shields and trophy both personal and club performance. The coaches all pledge to strengthen solidarity between and among them to improve on self and as a team spirit.
CFDP director of operation; Diony Collins advised the coaches to find strengths and be full motivated in what they do and share with others during an evaluation meeting they should organize periodically on their personal and professional development as well as commitment towards the youths because their availability and consistency in running sessions and being present in all matches bestows confidence on the youth vital for their own development as youth players.

Ayuk Elias Agbor a leader of Diligent Bilingual Academy, is the first child of a family of eight and from a very poor background, mother house wife and the father who was working in a petrol station lost both legs due to an explosion at the station. Though poor he is ambitious and determine to became a medical doctor and take care of the father. He is grateful for CFDP that has implanted such virtue in him through their life skills. Agbor has participated in CFDP program for 3yeras and confesses that he feels fulfilled and accomplished during all sessions. His peers calls him teacher because he educates must of his friends who participate in other soccer tournaments about the plus seven model, and strive for change in his community.IMG_4444

Ngo mbock Sarah is the leader of Baask one of our partner schools and the host of 2015 CFDP End of Year Gathering. Based on her biography her father is a pastor and the mother a teacher. she is the last child of a family of three siblings, she promised to be an ambassador of this organization because of what she has achieved according to Sara Mbock she has discover football drills that can solve conflict resolution, discrimination against women and children, Negative peers and self-respect, which has revolutionize her mentality of only boys do play football. She thanked the sport leader of Baask who gave her the opportunity to participate in the program, just 12 years old she is the leader of her team a wonderful privilege Sarah promised not to fail or disappoint her school or the organization.
She thanked the donors for the equipment’s because of such gestures they too are privilege to participate with other schools with sport attires unlike before,IMG_4241

In Cameroon, Cameroon Football Development Program acronym “CFDP” is among a handful of sports for social impact organizations privileged to have a three year partnership with CAC. Last year when CAC made its debut to Kumba; cradle of CFDP there was an overwhelming mobilization of community impact coaches who stormed GPS venue every day for two weeks to learn the had-trick initiative; sports for social impact. More than fifty community impact coaches received certificates after going through the training, Kumba vibrated to the rhythm of sport for social impact, more youths were enlisted in football academies and more communities where visited with the doctrine of sports for social impact creating a wave of social awareness and change.
Unlike year one, CAC’s second visit this year for the past two weeks; 8-12 and 15-18 was centered around helping Community Impact Coaches intricately involved in CFDP programs as well as those who support the advocacy work of CFDP to learn the art of creating their own football games or adopting CAC football games to solve just any social problem in their communities. In week one, CFDP staff members and Community Impact Coaches in all six CFDP football academies including a few peer leaders constituted the learning group. Youths like Afere Bidias, Atud Collins, Enow David exhibited exemplary proficiency in creating and or adopting football games to address social issues like corruption, tribalism, gender equity and school dropout; very prominent social problems in Kumba and like everywhere else in Cameroon. Head coaches of football centers also exhibited a greater understanding and adoptability of CAC football games to solve social issues. In week two, the training was open to all who share the passion of sports for social impact with week one participants leading sessions and helping the bigger group to learn from cultural and context base adopted football games. It was fun, it was excitedly amazing and it was impactful. The more than thirty community impact coaches who obtained certificates after the two weeks training session were empowered with a skill to help create positive social change in their respective communities.
“Nothing empowers a people like the skills to solve their own problems” CAC came to Kumba on the invitation of CFDP and in two weeks they empowered more than thirty Community Impact Coaches with the skills to create simple, fun and very educational football games to solve just any social problem in Kumba and Cameroon.

If you belong to the school where almost all students think social issues like; human rights, conflict resolution, child abuse, sexual harassment, alcohol and drugs, tribalism, corruption, school dropout, gender and sex, the list is never ending can only be addressed by scholars who went through universities, or have acquired some formal education and upon graduation open plush offices with sign post advertising their intellectual competencies I challenge you to rethink. Sports for social impact is much more powerful than any tons of advocates who attend to social issues from their plush office and parade the streets in luxurious cars; an exhibition of self-esteem rather than community impact.
Ever since the establishment of FIFA’s corporate social responsibility network of sports for social impact organizations and the UN charter on Sport for development and peace commemorated every 21st of September, football games is being greatly used across the globe to channel youth energy to create unprecedented community impact with transferable skills acquired from Coaches Across Continents; Global Leader in sports for social impact. Young boys and girls known as Community Impact Coaches across the globe are thought how to adopt CAC football games to address just any kind of social issue faced by their communities.

IMG_20150622_113505According to jay clay CFDP is doing a tremendous job in promoting social development in kumba,and a better future for the youths in the community wish impact their lives positively. His greatest challenge is time management much to be done but only in 8 weeks, but he is grateful for the planning and direction he receives from Justin the CEO of the organization and CFDP staff, visiting Cameroon for the first time he confesses that he is already feeling at home, everything is available especially with a friendly and helpful staff who guide his movement through town and all over Cameroon. Before living to his base he promised to provide CFDP a detail quality report on staff, coaches and referees operations in south west and North West Region to serve as guide lines for future operation, in addition he will create a potential annual plan for next year.

Passing out orders is as easy as passing out business cards. But a prudent leader also knows how to lead himself or herself—not merely to provide a genuine example to others, but to become a working element of the overall machinery of your organization. “It’s important that leaders have the ability to focus and motivate themselves as they motivate others,” p
Thoughtful leadership likely means you already have a talented work force in place. That’s terrific. But be careful not set up a throne room in the process. Accidental leaders often inadvertently establish a system of guidance that’s unnecessarily restrictive. Guide employees, but don’t implement more parameters than are absolutely necessary. “It’s important to influence the people with whom you work,” . “Don’t see your organization as a hierarchy.” That is CFDP; our work force is very talented you can see the team leading an icebreaker in the workshop.

kumba girls arsenal and lakers

2015 is a year of fulfillment, and empowering more girls in schools and communities is CFDP Priority, it is often said when you educate a girl child you educate the nation. We have young girls who are very dynamic and intelligent but from very poor homes and their parents are not able to meet up with their demands and most often some of them have drop out of school and became delinquents in various communities, CFDP has raised their hopes through their participation in all our programs and we are moving forward to see that this youths achieve their dreams.
Second edition of the Girls tournament will kick off in July, the organization is doing everything to apply gender equality not only in the curriculum and football matches but also ensure the girls have the opportunity to exploit their talents in the game of football. Young girls in kumba are empowered with leadership skills, Kudos to all our supporters in the US.
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