History will hold it that this year starting from the 23 October 2016, CameroonFDP will run a Female Soccer Tournament for the second time in Kumba and the first in Mamfe! This year’s tournament unlike previous will coincide with the African Women Nations Cup hosted by Cameroon and the girls will have the opportunity to watch a match and access leadership training. Kumba and Mamfe are preparing the event from two perspective but one goal. Both Kumba and Mamfe have four female teams taking part in the tournament and the champions will lock horns in Kumba on the 27th of November in a Super Cup final match.

Rural women, the majority of whom depend on natural resources and agriculture for their livelihoods, make up over a quarter of the total world population. In Cameroon , rural women represent approximately 43 per cent of the agricultural labor force, and produce, process and prepare much of the food available, thereby giving them primary responsibility for food security.

Bearing in mind that 76 per cent of the extreme poor live in rural areas, ensuring rural women’s access to productive agricultural resources contributes to decreasing world hunger and poverty, and make rural women critical for the success of the new Sustainable Development goal.

Our mission to celebrate women this year cut across all women in various occupation , 15th October we join all the women in the south west Region to celebrate the rural woman. Kudos to all the rural  women in Cameroon for putting food on our table.


Though coaches found it very beneficial to take the responsibility and the duty of being good examples to youngsters instead of being wayward, it was more compelling they realized to challenge the youths and themselves to train hard, go to bed early, don’t drink alcohol, don’t take drugs.  This was  take home message for last week’s  training session of Shalom th FC in Mamfe, and  was centered on the topic Accepting Responsibility and self-respect.

Ekeh Alunde coach of Shalom  FC  organized a girls training session , to implement CameroonFDP core values and the new CAC drills, the youths were excited and participated actively especially with the life skills topics  treated  on the curriculum. They are set and ready for the girl’s tournament that will kick off on the 23rd of October 2016.




There are only two options regarding commitment; you’re either in or you’re out. There’s no such thing as life in-between

Adolescent pregnancy, unwanted child bearing are growing public health concerns in Cameroon. Cameroon is third after Niger and Nigeria in Adolescent pregnancy, childbearing rankings in Sub Sahara Africa. This has serious consequences on mothers, children, families and communities. Mothers and children grow up with high risk of poor health, less education, and poor economic outcome. CameroonFDP upcoming girls tournament is an opportunity for schools and communities to partner with us to empower young girls in the  South West Region. Four teams in Kumba and Mamfe will participate  based on the new curriculum and methodology, a wonderful opportunity for girls to network and carryout community service project. Came back for more updates every Wednesday and Saturday at 8am, Lake Site community Radio, kumba, Cameroon.

The coaches were prepared and participated fully since it was the last coaches clinic for the year, we had and over view of the curriculum with all the four topics, Setting goals, Accept responsibility, self-respect and exercise, we all also recount all the CAC drills that link with the topics , coaches conduct and plus 7 core values. It was more of a discussion forum and the coaches were very satisfied because all their questions and worries were addressed. In addition to this, the importance of all CameroonFDP documentations was also reiterated. The coaches are ready and set to transfer all the knowledge acquired from the training to their various clubs and communities.


Girls must go to school and became independent and great women, CameroonFDP is one of those NGO’S in Cameroon based in kumba that promote girls education in schools and in communities. Last year our curriculum was based on Gender and Sex, Power, Equality and Equity various ways to encourage and empower young girls with leadership qualities. we empower them to reach for their dreams and build better lives for themselves and their communities. Only when investments in programs for girls on issues that particularly affect them – due to both their age and gender – are complemented with corresponding investments in data on girls, can we make real progress towards greater accountability in domains of critical importance to them. Girls are the most powerful force for change on planet earth. We educate and empower girls and young women yearly, allowing them to rise out of poverty, which will provide their families’ health, well being, hope, smile, and a future. After participation in the Girls tournament and leadership workshops, girls and young women are able to give back to their community and help pull other girls and women out of the cycle of inter-generational poverty and illiteracy. Our goal is to close the gender gap.


A teacher’s purpose is to create students in his own image, but not to develop students who can create their own image, CameroonFDP and staffs are great teachers behind the scene, educating and empowering young people with leadership qualities through the beautiful game of football. The grandstand of the kumba municipalities is filled with teachers of all ages including the retired and veterans all dressed with their teachers day fabric celebrating on the theme ‘’Valuing teachers improving their status’’ Kudos to all the teachers.killi

The driving force behind the success of any organization is the power of the team. A dynamic team in Kumba and US is the strength behind the work and achievement for close to six years. Without teamwork, success by an organization is not in view. Team work empowers individuals as they work together to accomplish more than they would have accomplished by themselves. The management team brainstorms on activities that will take place in October, and major discussions would be centered on the girls’ tournament towards Super cup that will take place next month. CameroonFDP thrives to promote gender equity by organizing girls tournament based on the +7 values, because it is often said girls who play sport are most likely to stay longer in school. Our goal is to empower more girls to become role models, independent and great women.