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The Confederation of African Football (CAF) held their 39th general assembly at the African Union headquarters in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on Thursday, March 17th. Those in attendance witnessed a tidal wave of transition in the name of change for football on the continent. Our Cameroonian brother, Issa Hayatou, lost his 8th election bid to Ahmad Ahmad, President of Madagascar Football Association 34 votes to 20. Ahmad takes the helm, along with several new executive members, and a general optimism and hope surrounding the future of African football. The peaceful transition of power that transpired, not often the case in African elections, is evidence of a good start.

Hayatou, who has been the ‘darling’ of both African and international football for decades, serving 7 terms as CAF President since being elected in 1988 and a stint as interim President of FIFA after the Sepp Blatter scandal, will leave a lasting legacy of bringing African football into the modern era. During the anniversary dinner celebrating 60 years of CAF, Hayatou was gave a few remarks on the evolution of the game in Africa. One statement stands above the rest:

“It seemed essential to put the supporters at the heart of this celebration. They are often forgotten… yet they are the soul of African football.”

There’s do doubt about it: football is famous for it’s supporters. When we look to the stands in World Cup competitions, you can always count on the African fans to surprise with their face paint, drumming, dancing, and extravagant animation. Supporters travel thousands of miles to watch their team – club or country – compete. They often begin supporting their team before they even know it, watching matches as babies, donning their team colors. As they grow they begin to support whatever team that their football-mad dad (or mum) supports. As children, supporters not only watch their favorite teams, they play as if they were them. Teams who play under the banner of Arsenal or Chelsea are not only found in London. They are found in nearly every African town and village where the game is played. Players are the greatest supporters. 

As we user in a new era in African football, the Ahmad and his leadership team must embrace the significant role that grassroots football plays in the development of the game. The games that are played on dusty patches of dirt on hot afternoons are just as much part of the future of the game as the big European contracts signed. The beautiful game is not only played on synthetic turf in million dollar stadiums. It’s played on the side of highways, deep inside neighborhoods, around school yards, and in the middle of the jungle on obscure fields where players of all ages go to forget about their troubles and battle for bragging rights. Every day on those fields, youth train to become as great as indigenous heroes like Sadio Mane or Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. This is grassroots football. These are the supporters. And as Mr. Hayatou brilliantly stated: this is where you find the soul of African football.

Real Champions




After peaceful protests in December turned violent in some cities and towns in Cameroon, many youth took to social media websites and communications platforms to shine a light on an otherwise very dark situation. After a few weeks of “ghost town” protests – where everyone stays indoors, with all businesses closed and no one moving around town – the government shut down the internet. Just like that. Read more about it in this piece in the Economist.

Still, CameroonFDP is moving forward. We won’t go into the details as to what it takes to operate under such circumstances, but know that it’s not easy. We’ve been holding meetings with our coaches and youth participants over the last month and look forward to getting back on to the field next week. Despite the struggle, we are reminded that nothing good comes easy. We are more determined now than ever before to engage as many youth in our grassroots football activities.

Our teams in Pittsburgh and Kumba have been working on a 3-year strategic plan: our 2020 vision. While the details are still being finalized, we look forward to sharing the concept with you in the weeks ahead!

Am blessed to have worked for different organizations in different portfolios throughout my professional life. This has given me quality, quantity, analytical and diagnostic capacity to articulate in any work environment and create an impact whenever, wherever am called to serve.
While in other organizations I worked as a junior staff with a few major challenges and frustrations, the picture in CFDP is an enlargement. Barely a few months after I joined the management team, I was given the rare privilege opportunity to be team leader; a portfolio with major challenges, pressure and frustrations. This has given me great experience and capacity to accommodate varied opinions, criticisms and professional disobedience from team mates.
However, and thanks to their support and especially the confidence bestowed on me by my immediate bosses, Founder and Co-founder; Justin Forzano and Peter Ngwane, I have been able to function in my current capacity. After more than a year, taking stock on how this has impacted me, I would say without mincing words that I stand today much more fulfilled as someone who has within this short period succeeded to transform himself from a thinker to a doer, an adviser to a leader…….whose capacity to lead has grown from strength to strength centered on the ability to make good decisions, plan, organize, direct and coordinate the program and activities of the program with the sole aim of accomplishing the mission and vision of the organization.
Personally, working in CFDP has given me community-wide recognition and respect. First, from the enthusiastic youths who upon seeing me several meters away, would put on a smile on the face and call me “sir”- an appellation reserved to honour educationists. Secondly, the community and school based leaders as well as the stakeholders who understands the impact of our program and activities to the youths and very much appreciate the content of our curriculum. Also, working in CFDP has given me the opportunity to;
 Learn and develop new skills and in turn serve as peer educator to others.
 Be of service to communities.
Professionally, it is an honour beyond words to lead a team of dedicated and highly motivated men and women with a passion to incite change and bring development to their communities through sports; football. Through and with these brothers and sisters I have succeeded to activate and nurture my leadership potentials which will be of great benefit to me when I start pursuing my personal dream of becoming Founder/CEO of DICOM GROUP; a Consulting, Trading, Investment and Entertainment Company.
Today, if not with dexterity and near perfection, I can effectively organize and manage programs and activities as well as motivate others to devote and contribute to goals accomplishment.
I want to use this forum to thank Mr. Aminkeng Brian Nzefeh through whom I gain entry and acceptance into CFDP. Whatever blessings I have from CFDP I owe it to him. As well as Mr. Justin Forzano for his constant Collins this is good and I think we can make it better if we present the idea this way or modify it to best address the situation. All these has given me the ability to learn and get better from any angle. Permit me above all to extend this same gratitude to Mr. Ngwane Peter, he too in no small way has helped me to improve from my challenges as leader of CFDP Kumba Office.


International Women’s Day originally emerged from the activities of labor movements at the turn of the 20th century in North America and across Europe.  In its early years, the day honored the women’s rights movement, including advocating for the right to vote and hold public office, and for ending discrimination in the workplace. Today the day is observed as a time to reflect on progress, reaffirm our commitment to greater development, and to celebrate acts of courage and determination by women who have made a difference in their communities and countries.

With the unconditional support from the CEO Justin Forzano who is a great promoter of girls education in Cameroon, we got the opportunity to organized a workshop with girls from our community team Wumjeck FC, part one of the program was based on lectures of leadership qualities and personal hygiene and part two was based on coaches across continent games on Gender Equity.
These girls got the opportunity to learn brand new drills such as Ask for choice from Coaches Across Continent to enable the girls to be responsible in decision making which might either influence them negatively or positively. These girls will have the opportunity to Be a Bold of Change.

Happy International Womens Day!


Today is a day for the global community to unite in support of women! Across the world, women will march in parades, enjoy celebrations, participate in sports activities, and take time to reflect on the achievements, advancements, and ambitions of their peers and predecessors. How will you celebrate the special women in your life today?

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Over the years, we have been trailblazing a path for girls’ football in our home base in Kumba.  Four years ago we hosted our very first girls tournament, one of the first of its kind in our area, and just a few months back we took the initiative to a whole new level with our Super Cup to Empower Women in conjunction with the Africa Women Cup of Nations. Today, we’re hosting special activities for our girls in K-town, celebrating their strengths and potential on and off the field!

Support girls’ empowerment through sport by liking, commenting, and sharing on social media and make a contribution to CameroonFDP in honor of a special woman in your life.

Top 7 in 2016

27 December 2016



As the last few days of the year are upon us, we took some time to reflect on some of the bright spots of 2016 before officially saying “good bye.” We are sharing with you this list of the 7 greatest achievements of the year that we are celebrating now and we look forward to building upon in 2017.


Why 7?

Over the last 12 months, we have been striving to refine our “+7 model” which directly integrates life skills and value-based learning into the soccer game. It’s catching on in Cameroon, and we believe it will be the foundation for significant growth and impact in the future.


In honor of our +7 values (listed below), here is our top 7 in 2016:

1. Engaged 500+ youth in Kumba and Mamfe our +7 Model that promotes teamwork, personal growth, and community development on and off the soccer field
2. Hosted the first-ever Super Cup to Empower Girls in Kumba, involving 8 teams in 2 communities
3. Sponsored a delegation of nearly 100 participants to watch Nigeria vs. Kenya in the brand-new Limbe Omnisport Complex at the 2016 Africa Women Cup of Nations
4. Visited Mathare Youth Sports Association (MYSA) in Kenya to learn about their unique model that has 26,000 youth playing soccer year-round in one of the largest slums in Nairobi
5. Participated in General Assembly meeting of streetfootballworld, the global network of ‘football-for-good’ organizations, in Lyon, France in July 2016
6. Accepted to and completed Pittsburgh Social Venture Partners’ first cohort of Full Circle, a 6-month accelerator program to increase capacity in local nonprofits
7. Hosted first Supporters Trip to Cameroon with 4 visitors traveling from Pittsburgh and Philadelphia to Kumba in July 2016

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The Saturday after Thanksgiving, CameroonFDP hosted our first-ever Super Cup to Empower Women. Winners of our newly-established educational football leagues for girls in Kumba and Mamfe, Southwest Region, came together for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

Watch the two girls teams shaking hands with their opponents and referees, the journalist giving the play-by-play of activities, CameroonFDP staff and friends on the sideline, girls from our Kumba teams supporting their peers, members of the Ministry of Sport and other guests sitting under the canopy, and of course the +7 PLAY4PURPOSE values that guide the activities on and off the field.

Kumba girls team, GBHS Kosala, celebrate the 2nd goal on they way to victory in the regional championship. 

CameroonFDP girls at the 2016 Africa Women Cup of Nations group stage match watching Kenya vs. Nigeria. Nigeria won 4-0 and would go on to beat the host, Cameroon, 1-0 in Yaounde. 

Finally, our girls from Mamfe said goodbye to their friends from Kumba as they prepared to travel back home after the Super Cup. They also said thanks to the 4 team sponsors who made this experience happen!


Christmas is a season of great joy: a time for remembering the past and hoping for the future. May the glorious message of peace and love fill you with joy during this wonderful season.It reminds us to focus on all of the good things around us including Cameroonfdp.
“Nothing influences people more than a recommendation from a trusted friend.” Mark Zuckerberg. Come for more updates in 2017.

CameroonFDP country director  mr Peter Ngwane facilitate the last training workshop for the year 2016. during his introduction he reflected on Nelson Mandela code ” It is never done until you do it” Branding and communication was based on certain key objective based onpeter

Understanding corporate Branding

Understanding Key areas of Corporate Branding

Branding CameroonFDP towards Professionalism

Social Media Branding

Meetings and Public Relations Branding

Radio Branding.

All this is to transform the staffs from practitioners to professionals in 2017.

Part two of the work shop was based on Administrative  letter Writing and Reporting, objectives include,

Structure of Administrative Letter

Styles of Presentation

Procedure for letter dispatch

Types of Administrative Letters

Follow up


Archiving “When you brand yourself properly,  competition becomes irrelevant.

 Merry Christmas and a Happy New year 2017.



He thanked CameroonFDP for transforming the lives of young girls in kumba for close to six years through football; a game that brings youths’ together. He congratulates all the coaches who have dedicated their time and money to train the youths with the CameroonFDP model. He appreciated the youths who participates in this activities and the tournament at least we can boast of better female footballers especially as Cameroon will hosting the African Nations Cup 2016 in the Cities of Yaounde and Limbe. He encourage the girls to implement all they have learned from this tournament wherever they find themselves because what CameroonFDP is teaching them will influence their carrier positively if they apply it correctly.Education has been called a social vaccination against HIV, when girls stay in school they are much likely not to become infected, that is the drive of CameroonFDP to keep more girls in school with our innovative approach to sports for development.