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Come and Support CFDP this THURSDAY, August 23rd – All Day Long!

TGI Fridays will donate up to 20% of your total bill – that means food AND drinks!

So come enjoy yourself – bring your friends!

And know that when you enjoy your chop and mimbo you will be supporting our youth programs in Cameroon!

Print the attached document and present to your server. Thanks in advance!


CFDP.tv Ep 8

11 July 2012

CFDP.tv Ep 7

9 July 2012

CFDPtv Ep.5

18 June 2012

CFDPtv Ep. 4

15 June 2012

CFDPtv Ep. 3

12 June 2012

Collins is posted up as acting director in Cameroon. Diba Dickson is his right hand man. Nenne and Caroline hold down the office – processing data and producing documentation to make sure we track our progress. Ashu, our own okada man (motorbike taxi driver… he’s not a taxi man, he just rides a bike), keeps our finances in order. Wallace is our newest coach and Kama supports him in preparing our drills and organizing the U-16 City Cup. . Killian is our coordinator of school-based programs and is actually the Head Master at Destiny Primary School. Our Cameroonian Founder and government school teacher, Ngwane Peter, is based in Nkambe but will be joining us soon in Pittsburgh.

Martin handles all of our donated soccer equipment

Collins is posted up as acting director in Cameroon



Auntie "sister" Julie

Biggie aka The Biggest Man

K-Man aka Justin

Wallace and Kama





David, youngest member of the team!


Ashu and Collins

This is an unusual blog post for me, Dan, a photographer to be writing. At the same time, it is only logical that I be the one writing this.

Last summer I traveled to West Africa with the Cameroon Football Development Program. My job was to begin documentation of this sports for development program, as we worked with our local team in Cameroon, training leaders and launching our after-school programs in eight different schools within the Kumba (large town in the Southwest region). If you followed my blog last summer then you will remember the work that we were doing. If not be sure to check it out.


That summer we presented the Kumba team members with four digital cameras to continue to document the program throughout the year.

Around September, the first camera died. By December, one camera remained. We still had eight schools to document programs in.

This is a gear post; a request for equipment we need to run our programs effectively.

Here is a list of things that we need:

*Digital cameras with accessories. (Re-chargeable batteries, chargers, memory cards, and cables)
We need as many of these as we can get, because of the harsh environment within which our team works and limited local resources for repair. Our team takes very good care of them! But as you know, things break!

*Windows laptops with Microsoft Office,  good batteries, and cables. While the majority of our work is in the field, literally the soccer field, we still must document our activities, communicate via internet, conduct presentations, and simply keep things organized. Our team is based all over Kumba, so the ability to work ‘remotely’ greatly reduces transportation costs and boosts our efficiency.

*Digital Flip Video Cameras (or something similar). Does not have to be anything fancy – like HD – just something to document the great things our team is doing on the ground and upload to the internet as quickly as possible!

*A Projector (with good light bulb) for training and fundraising presentations. These are so common in the US, and so hard to find in Africa. This device will improve the efficacy of our leadership training – the most crucial component of our activities. We will buy this one! Just help us out with a good deal! 🙂

*DVD Players for leadership training.

Because I believe in the mission of CFDP, to leverage soccer, as a sustainable platform for promoting health and social development among West African youthI am sending over an Olympus point and shoot camera with an extra battery, charger, and memory cards, and a DVD player for continued training when the US team is not around.

All donations are tax deductible, and your help is greatly appreciated. If you have any questions, or would like to Get in the Game, please contact us. We greatly appreciate your support!